#OWS – Hannity, Did Barack Obama do all that ?

OWS – Hannity, Did Barack Obama do all that ?

OWS List of Twitter & Facbook  support sites
– by Nick Naggar

Just short weeks ago, when “Occupy Wall Street” just hit the news, and was almost unknown to most, the Fox News TV channel reported it describing the Wall Street movement with stuff like, a bunch of unpatriotic, ..trouble makers, ..etc.

A day or two later, when this new peaceful “Occupy Wall Street” phenomena started to get stronger, Sean Hannity of Fox News reported something like those guys were un-American, destroying the neighborhoods….  and “…it is Obama” ….

That was surprising, because I didn’t remember hearing President Barack Obama saying anything that would have caused this, … except maybe when he asked the Congress to sign the American Jobs Bill right away, …. later he said that he was ready to take it to the American people, …to every city, …every town….  which wasn’t really clear what that meant, or how would that work.

Next day, it was all over the news… Occupy Wall Street is spreading to other cities in the USA, Europe and Asia.
And shortly there after it was all over the world, every city and every town, near and far, with supporters all over the world, the internet and social media, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace …etc.  ( see partial list below ).

So the question is ( whether to  Sean Hannity, Fox News or not ) :  Did Obama do all that ?

Did Obama cause cities all over the US to occupy in support of  “Occupy Wall Street” ?


Did President Barack Obama inspire the people in Great Britain, Germany, France to do all that ?

Was it Barack Obama who caused and inspired the people in Sweden, Denmark, Norway to occupy in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement ?

How about the occupiers in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Jamaica, Japan, Italy, India, Ireland, Israel, Luxemburg, Monaco, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey,   and on and on…

Is Fox News, Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reilly telling me that 1 person did all that ?

Hmmm… beginning to wonder

Isn’t it the same person who moved and inspired the people of the world in 2008 ?
did he just do it again but even bigger in 2011 ?

Hey wait a minute, if one person can motivate and inspire all these people, in matter of days, in all these cities and countries around the world to stand up, fight for their country, their people, fight for Democracy and their human rights, what type of  world leader would this person be ?

Did all these people respond to Barack Hussein Obama because he is the president of the USA or because he is Barack Hussein Obama, the person, the human, the leader that cares and makes sense ?


seems that the American people and the people all over the world have already responded and took positive actions to implement real Democracy in their countries in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street movement, no need for asking or waiting for answers.

Now let’s see how many local leaders or world leaders, have, in matter of days, inspired so many people to willingly and gladly stand up, have the courage to peacefully fight for their countries, for Democracy against the harsh elements and opposing forces, in the rain, extreme cold and snow.

None, not even close to this magnitude, volume, quality or conviction.

They all are standing in solidarity and support of the “Occupy Wall Street” courageous brothers and sisters.


For the “Occupy Wall Street” supporters:

Here is a partial list of “Occupy Wall Street” patriotic supporters for you to follow on Twitter and connect with on Facebook (US & International ) :


Twitter USA

Occupy Wall Street supporters ( #OWS )


OccupyAlabama Occupy Alabama
Fed up with the status quo

occupyarkansas occupyarkansas
In solidarity with the occupy wall st movement we desire to bring awareness and change to Arkansas. We are the 99%

OWSAtlanta Occupy Atlanta, Atlanta, GA
We are the 99%. We will no longer remain silent. Have your voice heard at the next @ATLGenAssembly. We will @OccupyTogether in solidarity with @OccupyWallSt!

OccupyAustin OccupyAustin, Austin, Texas
OFFICIAL ACCT Follow @occupyaustin @occupyaustin2, @occupyaustin3 (BaseCamp), @arrestedaustin and @occupyatxmedia. RT for informational purposes.

OccupyBaltimore OccupyBaltimore, Maryland, USA Charm City 99 Percenters http://www.occupybmore.org

OccupyBeantown OccupyBeantown, Boston, MA Massachusetts, USA
We are the 99% Lets turn Boston back into the cradle of revolution it once was!! Our comrades occupying Wall St have shown us the way, now its up to us, the 99%

Join our camp at Civic Center Plaza. GAs daily at 6 pm. Only 2 blocks away from our satellite at the Bank of America, across from the Downtown Berkeley BART.

OccupyBham OccupyBirmingham, Alabama

OccupyCharlotte Occupy Charlotte, NC, North Carolina, USA
We are the 99%, and we are here to show Occupy Wall Street our support. We will Occupy Together against Corporate Person-hood and Plutocracy in Charlotte, NC.

OccupyChi Occupy Chicago, Chicago, IL, Illinois USA
When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when government fears the people there is liberty. -Thomas Jefferson

OccupyChicago Occupy Chicago, Illinois USA
The official Twitter for Occupy Chicago! We are the 99% | We will be at the FED – Chicago, IL @ LaSalle & Jackson. | #OccupyChi

OccupyCincy Occupy Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio USA
Seize this opportunity and Occupy Cincinnati or whatever city you are in, and build a better America for the 99%.

OccupyColumbia OccupyColumbia, Columbia,SC, South Carolina, USA
We are the 99% in Columbia South Carolina!

Occupy_Columbus Occupy Columbus, Columbus, Ohio
We are the 99% and we represent Columbus! The Official Twitter of Occupy Columbus, OH. Donate: https://www.wepay.com/donate/179252

OccupyDallas Occupy Dallas
for those in Texas who can’t make it to #OccupyWallStreet, on #Oct6 we want to #OccupyDallas in solidarity! WE ARE THE 99% http://occupydallas.org

OccupyDayton Occupy Dayton, OHIO
A local grassroots resistance movement against corporate greed and its influence in our political system and world. http://occupydaytonohio.org

OccupyDaytona Occupy Daytona Beach, Florida
We all have to stand up together. Corporations or people? What kind of planet do we want to live on? What kind of country do we want to be? It’s up to us.

OccupyDC_ Occupy Washington, Washington, DC USA
The American people must fight for opportunity and fairness in our country! Stand with us and keep the American Dream alive! Come to McPherson Square #OccupyDC

OccupyDenver OccupyDenver, Denver, Colorado USA
#Solidarity for #OccupyWallStreet.
Protest is next to Broadway and Colfax @ CCP. Corporate greed must be reigned in. denverouccupied@gmail.com

OccupyDetMI Occupy Detroit, Detroit, MIchigan
This is the OFFICIAL Occupy Detroit brought to you by the Media Committee in solidarity w/ OccupyWallSt .Pls follow for ACCURATE info & news on Occupy Detroit.

OccupyDFW Occupy DFW, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
#OccupyDFW #OWS #OccupyDallas On October 6th, Dallas Federal Reserve Building. WE ARE THE 99% http://occupydallas.org/

OccupyDurham Occupy Durham, North Carolina
We are the 99%! The Durham group of the @OccupyTogether movement, in solidarity with @OccupyWallSt! #occupydurham #occupync #occupywallst

OccupyElPaso El Paso, Texas – WeareThe99%
We are part of the 99%. Organize in El Paso. #OccupyWallStreet #Occupytogether

OccupyFlorida OccupyFlorida
#OccupyFlorida strives to keep Florida in the loop with #OccupyWallStreet and current meetups in #Florida. Spread the word locally! #Solidarity

OccupyGvilleFL Occupy Gainesville, Florida
JOIN US! Bo Diddley Plaza Downtown Gainesville, FL We are the 99%!

OccupyHartford Occupy Hartford, Connecticut USA
Forming a group to join in solidarity with #occupywallstreet #occupytogether Time/Place TBD as support grows.. Join US!!!

OccupyHawaii OccupiedHawaii
We are the direct HI descendants of Polynesian and Native American kinship organized peaceful protestors seeking socio-economic equal from oligarchy/plutocracy

OccupyHouston Occupy Houston, Houston, Texas USA
#OccupyHouston in #solidarity with #OccupyWallStreet & @OccupyTogether. #ComeJoinUs! (Maintained by L.)

OccupyIowa Occupy Iowa
The class war was lost 30 years ago. I guess that makes us insurgents.

OccupyKC OccupyKC – Kansas City, MO
We seek to remove Wall Street from its privileged throne in the U.S. government. We are occupying the Kansas City Federal Reserve.

OccupyLA #OccupyLA, Los Angeles, California USA
#OccupyLA – in solidarity with #OccupyWallstreet protests. We are occupying at LA City Hall: 200 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA DEMOCRACY NOT CORPORATOCRACY.

OWSLosAngeles #OccupyLA, Los Angeles, California USA
Unofficial Guerrilla style reporting on #occupyLA. Follow our official Twitter @OccupyLA

@OccupyLongBeach Long Beach, California USA
This is a gathering of people who support peace and social, economic, and environmental justice to exchange ideas and demand our voices be heard.

OccupyMadison OccupyMadison, Wisconsin USA
Showing solidarity for the fellow 99% fighting hard with #OccupyWallStreet. Wisconsin wont rest, corporate greed has touched us greatly.

OccupyMaine OccupyMaine, America
We are occupying Lincoln Park in Portland, Maine as an act of solidarity with #OccupyWallStreet

OccupyMARINES OccupyOMC, America
OccupyOMC will support the movement. We will support demonstrators with organization, direction, supply and logistics, and leadership.

OccupyMemorial OccupyKC Kansas City
We are going to #OccupyMemorialDr in Kansas City on October 9th. Take a stand, We are the 99%

OccupyMemphis OccupyMemphis, Memphis Tennessee USA

#OccupyMemphis – in solidarity with #occupywallstreet. Their goals are our goals, their message, our message. facebook.com/pages/Occupy-Memphis/128627820572100

OccupyMiami Occupy Miami, Florida
In solidarity with @OccupyWallSt and Miami to bring attention to the protest going on in Miami and all around the country due to corporate greed.

OccupyMIA Occupy Miami, Florida
In solidarity with @OccupyWallSt and to bring attention to the protest going on in Miami and all around the country due to corporate greed

OccupyMichigan Occupy Michigan
This is the official feed for Occupy Michigan, a solidarity movement with Occupy Wall Street.

OccupyMilwaukee Occupy Milwaukee
On October 15th, people in Milwaukee will take part in direct action against Wall Street Banks with sisters and brothers around the world.

OccupyMN OccupyMN, Minneapolis, MN, Minnesota, USA
We are Occupying Minneapolis, Minnesota. We stand for people before profits. The 99% has a voice, and we intend to be heard!

OccupyNashville Occupy Nashville, Nashville, Tennessee USA
To stand in solidarity with our friends at Occupy Wall Street, NYC

OccupyNJ OccupyNJ – All Over New Jersey
Oct. 6th, we will occupy trenton and jersey city. www.facebook.com/occupynewjersey

OccupyNewark Occupy Newark NJ
peaceful, nonviolent occupation of Newark, New Jersey in solidarity with #occupywallstreet. https://www.facebook.com/OccupyNewark occupynewark – yahoo – com

OccupyNH Occupy New Hampshire
The official twitter of the Occupy New Hampshire movement!

occupyoakland Occupy Oakland, Oakland, California USA
Born October 10, 2011. Ain’t no party like a west coast party! Spread the occupations. Intensify the struggle. No to police occupation. Oakland rise up!

OccupyOhio Occupy Ohio
The 99% Occupy the Great Cities of Ohio | Twitter Feeds Cincinnati | Cleveland | Columbus | Dayton | Toledo | Youngstown |

OccupyOregon #OCCUPYOREGON, Pacific Northwest USA
Revealing people power & government collusion. We stand in solidarity with #OccupyWallStreet & all who #occupy. RTs ≠ endorsement.

OccupyOrlandoFL Occupy Orlando
A leaderless resistance movement. The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%.

OccupyPC OccupyPanama City Florida USA
Mr. Z of Occupy Panama City #OccupyWallStreet #OccupyFlorida #OWS #OccupyPC
http://www.occupytogether.org/ 99% Politically Correct #OccupyTogether

OccupyPdx OccupyPortland, Oregon
Dissent is patriotic! For our future we will not be silent. We are legion. Know your rights and fight for them! http://twitter.com/#!/occupyportland

Occupy_PR #OccupyPuertoRico Puerto Rico

#OccupyPuertoRico #OccupyPR La Ocupacion de Wall Street solo ha sido el comienzo de la expansion del movimiento por todo USA… P.R. no sera la excepcion…

OccupyProv Occupy Providence, Providence RI, Rhode Island USA
We are currently occupying Burnside Park at Kennedy Plaza.

OccupyRaleigh Occupy Raleigh Epicenter of Change
Join our ongoing occupation of the State Capitol. We are the 99%! Solidarity and non-violence! Kat, Bob, Tony, Zan & Kurt tweet for OccupyRaleigh.

OccupyRichmond Occupy Richmond, VA, Richmond, Virginia, USA
Since October 15, 2011, we have been continuously occupying Kanawha Plaza, in the heart of Richmond, Virginia’s financial district.

OccupySacto Occupy Sacramento Capitol California
Official twitter for Occupy Sacramento in #Solidarity with @OccupyWallSt Join us at Cesar Chavez Plaza 910 I Street http://occupysacramento.tumblr.com #OSAC

OccupySaltLake Occupy Salt Lake – Salt Lake City Utah
We are the 99%. The Occupation has started!

OccupySanAnto Occupy San Antonio TX
San Antonio community will #OccupySanAnto at #TravisPark http://www.facebook.com/occupysanantonio #OccupyWallStreet @OccupyDallas @OccupyHouston @OccupyAustin

OccupySanDiego Occupy San Diego
We are looking to organize a demonstration in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street campaign that is centralized in San Diego.

OccupySD OccupySD, San Diego, California USA

OccupySF #OccupySF | #OSF, San Francisco, California USA
#OccupySF | #OSF in #Solidarity w/ #OccupyWallStreet | JOIN US to #OccupyTheFed Welcome — You Are the #99percent

OccupySanJose OccupySanJose, San Jose, California USA
#OccupySanJose General Assemblies: Mon-Sat @ 7PM, Sundays @ noon. Occupying in front of City Hall on Santa Clara and 4th St. We are the 99%

OccupySantaFe OccupySantaFe NM New Mexico USA
We are the 99% and it is time to have our government represent us. Our friends occupying Wall St have shown us the way, now it’s up to the rest of us, the 99%.

OccupySarasota Occupy Sarasota
We are here in support of the revolution begun by Occupy Wall Street and in solidarity with the 99%.

OccupySavannah Occupy Savannah – Savannah, GA
We occupy Emmet Park in #solidarity with all those on Wall Street and around the world. GA’s held on Wed. 6pm Sat. 12pm + 6pm Sun. 3pm #OWS #United

OccupySeattle #OccupySeattle, Seattle, Washington
Your official twitter source for news and updates on #OccupySeattle as we stand in solidarity with #OccupyWallStreet. The revolution begins.

OccupyTally @OccupyTally Tallahassee, FL
In peaceful solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, this is a movement based out of Tallahassee, FL. Stay tuned for more details or @reply us with your thoughts!

OccupyTampa Occupy Tampa, Tampa Bay, Florida USA
www.facebook.com/occupytampa @occupytampa occupytampa.tumblr.com www.wepay.com/xgwdud DONATE TO HELP MEDIA TEAM PRINT FLIERS!

OccupyTennessee @OccupyTennessee Knoxville TN

OccupyToledo Occupy Toledo Toledo, Ohio
OCTOBER 10 –11 AM , LEVIS SQUARE DOWNTOWN. *Donations: https://www.wepay.com/donate/9614 *FB Page: http://tinyurl.com/63zjw7z

OccupyTucson Occupy Tucson Tucson, Arizona
In solidarity with the brave souls occupying Liberty Plaza in New York

OccupyTulsa @OccupyTulsa Tulsa, OK
Standing in Solidarity with our brothers and sisters in New York, let’s take to the streets here in Tulsa! We are the 99%!

Occupy_USA OccupyUSA
#occupywallstreet #OccupyTogether – INFOBOT of @REVOLUTION_INFO – about http://bit.ly/jobzGK – visit and share website for all infos about US #occupy.

OccupyVermont Occupy Vermont
Mobilizing Vermont in support of the OccupyWallStreet movement. Organizational efforts on Facebook. Actions underway in Burlington.

occupywichita occupy wichita
We are in solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the world! We do not condone violent resistance. We want a peaceful resistance.

OccupyWallSt Occupy Wall Street, Liberty Plaza, NYC, New York USA
Official twitter of our site! News and information about the occupation of Wall Street. Opinions tweeted do not reflect the occupation as a whole.

OccupyWallStNYC #OCCUPYWALLSTREET, Wall Street, NYC, New York USA
Occupy Wall Street on September 17th. Donate to us @ our bitcoin address: 1Q7DQVTubbUqr5by2YoZJRKCEzj9D3LQ9w

OpWallStreet #OWS International – The Internet

#OWS #OccupyWallStreet – Challenging the cozy relationship between Governments & Big Business. We won’t allow financial abuse of the masses. #EndCorporatism

OWS_Live #OccupyWallStreetNYC, Liberty Park , NYC
Live coverage from #OccupyWallStNYC in Liberty Park! #solidarity #OWS #occupywallst # I do Livestream from Livestream.com/occupywallstnyc


OWSworldwide #OWS – The Internet
#OWS Is a #GlobalRevolution. We are all in #Solidarity. #OccupyWallStreet #OccupySF #OccupyChi #OccupyBoston #OccupyLA #OccupyLondon #OccupyLSX & MORE! GROW

TheOther99 TheOther99 – Wall Street, New York City, New York, USA
We have been a primary source of media at OWS since day one. Follow us for live videos and photographs from Liberty Plaza https://www.wepay.com/donate/158502

USDayofRageSEA Seattle
Reclaim democracy on the US Day of Rage. Official hashtag #USDOR



Twitter International

Occupy Wall Street supporters ( #OWS )


OccupyAdelaide Occupy Adelaide #OccupyAdelaide in solidarity with the worldwide Occupy Movement – http://occupyadelaide.org

OccupyBrazil Occupy Brazil
Criado para informar e suportar a luta contra a corrupcao. Designed to inform and support the the fight against corruption.

OccupyBritain Solidarity
Sharing information on areas participating in the occupy events happening all over the UK and all over the world! 15th October, bring tents and wrap up warm 🙂

OccupyCanada OccupyCanada – Canada

OccupyingCanada Occupy Canada
A newsfeed of all Occupations in Canada.

occupydataran #occupydataran
Tahrir Square, Cairo. Puerta del Sol Square, Madrid. Syntagma Square, Athens. Merdeka Square, KL. Occupy Dataran Merdeka for Real Democracy Now!

OccupyDenmark OccupyDenmark
We are the 99%. We want equality for all and no more predator capitalism to exploit us and our planet. We just want to live in peace with the world.

OccupyDublin Unofficial Ireland
#OccupyDublin in solidarity with #OccupyWallStreet. We want a fair and equal society not one that favours the few. Our message is Worldwide. We are the 99%

OccupyEarth Occupy Earth
The movement to liberate the people of the world from corrupt banking has begun. We are the 99.9%. We will not be silent.

OccupyFrankfurt OCCUPY TOGETHER Germany Deutschland

OccupyJamaica Occupy Jamaica

OccupyHaiti OccupyHaiti
The Movement to activate political and social justice in Haiti

OccupyLondon Occupy London, London, UK

OccupyLSX OccupyLSX, London, UK
#OccupyLSX #OccupyLondon #olsx Occupying outside St Paul’s Cathedral since Saturday 15 Oct. Be ready to create a better world! RTs =/= endorsement.

OccupyMELBOURNE OccupyMELBOURNE, Melbourne, Australia
Bringing the #occupywallstreet movement to Australia, supporting our brothers and sisters in the fight for real democracy http://www.facebook.com/occupymelb

occupymonaco Occupy Monaco Europe
International action against austerity – http://occupymonaco.wordpress.com

Occupy_Mumbai Occupy Mumbai
बीस अक्टूबर के नौवें में हम राजनीतिक भ्रष्टाचार के विरोध में मैडम कामा रोड, नरीमन प्वाइंट, मुंबई का कब्जा होगा. जय हिंद! #Oct29 #MadamCamaRd #NarimanPoint

@OccupyNorwich Norwich, Norfolk, UK
We are the 99%, in solidarity with ALL #Occupy movements worldwide! Haymarket, Norwich, UK – October 15th! Join us!

OccupyNS Occupy NovaScotia – Halifax, N.S., Canada
In solidarity with #OccupyWallStreet, @OccupyToronto, and the countless other @Occupy movements across the world INFORM YOURSELF! SPREAD THE WORD!

OccupyPerth #OccupyPerth, Perth, Australia
Non-aligned, peaceful protest movement against the monied corruption of democracy and the extent to which the wealthiest 1% own your life. We are the 99%

OccupyRussia Захвати Wall Street
OccupyRussia в солидарность с @OccupyWallSt, #OccupyWallStreet, @OccupyTogether стремится привлечь внимание к протесту #Sep17

OccupyToronto #OCCTO, Toronto, Canada
Section 2(c) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms OccupyToronto, 69 Young St. PO Box 1706 Toronto, ON M5E 1Y2

OccupyTunisia OccupyTunisia – Tunisia

OccupyVancouver Occupy Vancouver Canada
Occupy Vancouver – A Non Violent Movement for Social, Economic and Political Change Síguenos en Twitter! www.twitter.com/OcupemosVancouv (Spanish Version)

OWSworldwide #OWS – The Internet
#OWS Is a #GlobalRevolution. We are all in #Solidarity #OccupyWallStreet #OccupySF #OccupyChi #OccupyBoston
#OccupyLondon #OccupyLSX & MORE! GROW


Facebook United States

Occupy Wall Street supporters ( #OWS )

Occupy Albany NY,

Occupy Arkansas,


Occupy Boston,

Occupy Buffalo,

Occupy Charlotte,

Occupy Chicago,

Occupy Cincinnati,


Occupy Columbia,

Occupy Columbus,

Occupy Dallas,

Occupy Denver,

Occupy Evansville,

Occupy Florida,


Occupy Financial District SF,

Occupy Indianapolis,

Occupy Hawaii,

Occupy Houston,

Occupy Los Angeles,

Occupy Louisville,


Occupy Miami,

Occupy Michigan,


Occupy Nashville,

Occupy Nebraska,

Occupy New Orleans,

Occupy North Georgia,

Occupy OSU (Oklahoma State University),

Occupy Omaha,

Occupy Philadelphia,


Occupy Pittsburgh,

Occupy Puerto Rico,

Occupy Richmond,


Occupy Santa Cruz,

Occupy San Diego,

Occupy San Francisco,


Occupy San Jose,

Occupy Seattle,

Occupy Spokane,

Occupy Tampa,

Occupy Together,

Occupy Tulsa,




Occupy Wall St.,

Real Democracy Now! USA,

Reflections on a Revolution,

Take the Square,

US Day of Rage,


Facebook international – English / Native Language

Occupy Wall Street supporters ( #OWS )



#Occupy Asia 15 Oct. Global Solidarity,

15 de Mayo | Día Internacional por la Democracia Real,

15-M Argentina,

15M Movement California,

15M: Marcha Bruselas,

15M Spanish Revolution -English,

6th of April Youth Movement – حركة شباب 6 إبريل,



Acampada Badalona,


Acampada Donostia,

Acampada Girona,

Acampada Lisboa,


Acampada Málaga,

Acampada Murcia,

Acampada Palma,

Acampada Paris,

Acampada Sabadell,

Acampada Salamanca,

Acampada Santaco,

Acampada Sevilla,

Acampada Toledo,


Democracia Real Ya Cardiff/Real Democracy Now,

Democracia real YA,

Democracia real YA! Boston – True democracy NOW,

Democracia Real YA! París,

DRY, Real Democracy Now! Norwich-UK.,

European Revolution,

Isu Politik Semasa,

Movimento 15M – Italia,

Movimiento 15M,

Occupy Albania,

Occupy Arcata,

Occupy Argentina,

Occupy Binghamton,

Occupy Birmingham,

Occupy Bogota Colombia,

Occupy Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Occupy Brazil,

Occupy Britain,

Occupy Bulgaria,

Occupy Central 佔領中環,

Occupy COMO,

Occupy Croatia,

Occupy Denmark,

Occupy Europe,

Occupy Finland,

Occupy Germany,

Occupy Greece-Athens,

Occupy Hong Kong (香港),

Occupy Italy,

Occupy Israel,

Occupy Lithuania,

Occupy Manila,

Occupy/Membebaskan Indonesia,

Occupy Perú,

Occupy Philippines,

Occupy Romania,

Occupy Russia,

Occupy Seoul,

Occupy Singapore,


Occupy South Africa – Operation Ubuntu,

Occupy Spain,

Occupy Stockholm,

Occupy Sweden,

Occupy Taipei 佔領台北,

Occupy Thailand,

Occupy the London Stock Exchange,

Occupy Tokyo,

Occupy Turkey,


Oh! Politik,

Opération Révolution France,

Real Democracy Now! Canada,

Real Democracy Now Denmark,

Real Democracy Now (Democracia Real Ya!) – Dresden,

Real Democracy Now Ireland,

Real Democracy Now Leeds,

Real Democracy Now – London,

Real Democracy Now! – Sheffield,

Spanish Revolution

Take the Square Canada,

UK Revolution (Birmingham) – Real Democracy Now,

UK Revolution- Real Democracy Now,





Nick Naggar,




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